Program Design

Program design considers a mixture of the multiple perspectives on the services or products needed, the kind of people who will use them, and the particular social environment they will be delivered in.  Experience helps shape realistic expectations of quality, relevance, and scale upon which new programs are built while mature programs are enhanced. Changes in populations, funding, reach, effectiveness, and support can be catalysts for redesign.

Ama Consultants has experience in federal, state, municipal, and local government program operations, the lifeblood of functional programs. Extensive experience with non-profit, private, domestic and international voluntary organizations also informs our perspective on organizational culture - a key to program design.

Evaluative Desk Review of Proposals:

Nigerian Central Bank Capacity Building Strategy 

Agricultural Business Development Project 

Evaluative Desk Review:

Action plan for IRAWCC Development Fund


Institute for Research on Afrcian Women, Children, and  Culture Jan.-Feb., 2012


Tuberculosis Prevention among Immigrant and Native Indigenous Populations in the Arizona-Sonora Border Region




Tuberculosis prevention training progam curriculum for community health promotion. curriculum produced a pictorial manual and two original videos in Tohono O'odham and Spansih Languages for immigrant and native indigenous peoples. Curriculum designed for Gente de I’itoi, A.C., Funded by: Arizona Section of the US-Mexico Border Health Commission Sonora, Mexico. 2009-2010

Planning Study for Community Development Corporation Merger

Merger study for community development organizations, Operation BetterBlock Inc. and Lincon- Larimer, GSPIA Non- Profit Clinic, University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Oct.– Nov. 2003