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General Program Resources

Program Evaluation

Why is Evaluation Important? 2.36 min. video. Asian Development Bank  

 Program Design 

Metodología del marco lógico para la planificación, el seguimiento y la evaluación de proyecto

programas. Autores: Edgar Ortegón,  Juan Francisco Pacheco, y  Adriana Prieto. ILPES/CEPAL 200

Download/view file (PDF)

Climate Change Resources

Learning Portals

UN Climate Change Learning Platforms The Adaptation Learning Mechanism and the World Bank Insititue E-Learning Courses are tools for policy makers and practiioners.

Natural Diasasters and Climate Change

 Link: Natural Disasters and Climate Change  22 min video on climate change and related disasters.

Covers changing trends in climate related natural disasters, and the growing risk they pose to populations in different parts of Asia. Using evaluation lessons, he discusses the vital need to mainstream risk assessment in developing country growth strategies and donor support, and to build in climate mitigation and adaptation in operations and policy dialogues. 

Extreme Summer Heat Events to Global Warming

Link: Bell Curve Shifting Distribution of Summer Temperature Anomolies .

James Hansen and other NASA scientists released this data plotted for 1951-1980. Posted 8-6-12

Artic Ice

Shrinking Arctic ice and the wicked backlash on our weather

Jennifer Francis, Guest Op-ed, Washington Post;  re-posted 9-25-12 

Economic Impacts of Climate Change 

Redrawing the Energy Climate Map, World Energy Outlook Special Report .Internatioal energy Agency.10 June 2013

Huge economic benefits from climate change adaptation, for major economies and poor nations alike.

Project Resources
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