About Ama Consultants

About Ama Consultants

Ama Consultants assist people who wish to improve programs, services, or products.  While experience guides how we use our skills in this process, the changing world you work in challenges you how to best respond.  Ama consultants collaborate to make possible the improvements you seek.  Ama Consultants is a consultancy that works with clients to answer common and extraordinary questions about the goals, effectiveness, and results of their programs, services, or products.  We actively consider cultures that influence program operations, research standards and related knowledge systems.

Ama Consultants work with governments, non-governmental organizations, and private enterprise for organizational assessment, asset mapping, and outcome led planning for desired results.  A wide range of management tools are employed to produce solutions that add lasting value to organizations.   Ama Consultants applies social science methods to solve vital questions about programs, services, and products for clients.  We carry out research and combine it with operational experience to implement best practices within the scope of available resources.  Together with clients, we define research, training, and program evaluation goals.  Our consultants use the best methods for evaluating your goals for planning, implementation, and measurement of results for programs, services, and products. We enjoy training staff at multiple levels to build skills in evaluation and increase the capacity of organizations to improve program performance.  Evaluation in both English and Spanish language settings is offered.  Our consultants have over 50 years combined experience in these service areas: research, evaluation, training, program and curriculum development, and translation.


Qualitative methods are employed to evaluate programs using a variety of methods: available comparative research, program design review, documentation review, stakeholder analysis, program observation, and demographically targeted focus groups. Quantitative methods are also used: simple cost benefit analysis, survey methods, and statistical analysis.


Ama Consultants views culture as the primary lens that creates programs and is used to evaluate them.  Assessment of culture is a first step in designing the best evaluation of any program under consideration for evaluation.  One or several cultures determine the values held by an organization. An assessment of the culture will often reflect the way an organization collectively views the results it produces.


Social research draws on knowledge of international institutions, special populations, census data, small groups, indigenous knowledge, public health and social services, national, regional, and international standards for private enterprise, non-profit or non-governmental organizations, and for private voluntary organizations.